The Standstill / by rebecca keating

growth image.JPG

“Your growth is found in the standstill” is what God told me last Thursday. I’ve been experiencing a disconnect from God and from myself for three weeks. Everything feels like it’s on hold until I finish all the work that is required of me. What does growth look like in the seasons that don’t have us achieving our goals one right after the other? What does growing look like when podcasts and sermons and books don’t bring more closeness to God and learning more seems pointless? 

I’ve been expanding what it means for me to grow. The definition of growth in my life has for so long been contingent upon how much I’m learning and progressing. But God is drawing me out of that, calling me to show up and seek Him in the stillness.

This season's growth is coming as I learn to encounter God’s love without the intellectual lenses that I like to apply. Growth in the standstill looks like pushing past my longing to think my way to God’s voice. 

And after days of restlessness, I have finally gotten still before God. And He is bringing me to a place of more intimate worship and more single-minded encounter.