India is happening soon and things I am trying to remember / by rebecca keating


I am leaving for India in 12 days!! During the school semester it was so hard to slow down and pause to ask myself how I’m feeling about the trip, what I can do to prepare for it, etc. Now that I’m out of school and home at my parents’, I’m met with an abundance of free time to think, pray, and cultivate and dispel anxiety all at once. 

The hardest thing to think through in preparing for this trip both practically and mentally is knowing the reality that I am going to forget things. I’m going to forget to pack enough of something, I’m going to forget to make note of something in my surroundings. I probably won’t take enough pictures, and I definitely won’t be sure to capture every single thing that I feel in words. 

How do I reconcile my awareness that I am not going to make note of everything? That I am not going to see everything I should try to see while I am there, that I am bound to be forget some things? 

Despite worrying about my forgetfulness, I’m praying that the Lord would help me to be mindful now. I’m making all the checklists that I can, lists of things I want to take note of and bring, and things that value, so that I don’t forget what my purpose is. I'm practicing rest now, so that I remember to rest there. I'm making sure that I am listening for God in these days, so that I know to hear him there.  

I will forget to be wholehearted. I will waste time. I will forget to worship, and not just observe. I will doubt my capabilities. But by grace, and in the strength of the Lord, I will still go confidently. I will go with boldness. I will be mindful today, and let tomorrow take care of itself.